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Take your service experience to the next level with service or if you are looking for part and have it done fast and effective! You have come to the right place! We have the service and quality that you are looking for!

Quality Service

To meet customers needs whilst while remaining competitive. The willingness of our employee's to help customers and to provide a prompt timely service. A Network of full service maintenance with the experience to help service your bike.

Custom Parts

A Triumph motorcycle is in a class in its own. Owning a bike with the unique style and British engineering remains a dream for many. Finding the right parts for your Triumph Daytona 675R or Speed Triple is never going to be difficult.

Our Industry leading configuration help you create your dream. Designed to deliver optimum performance and reliability. From accident repairs to engine rebuilds, rims and a wide variety of new styles to make your bike or sports vehicle unique or just stand out with the greatest, latest, or just go back to the old school style we do it all!

Fast and Effective

Get The fastest but the most efficient service available every time you come in. We get you back on the road and better then ever! Get The Quality you want and for the price that you can actually afford!

Triumph Engineering

Triumph motorcycles have always had a special character - distinctive design, performance pedigree, outstanding engineering and a unique engine sound.

Whatever the distance, you’ll cover it in style and comfort; the generous, luxury seats and ergonomically designed riding position mean the miles melt away barely noticed.

The road becomes part of the bike, the bike part of you. The journey is not the way to where you want to go it’s where you want to be.

It means making motorcycles that are continually more refined, better handling and more suitable for purpose.

Which means you can be sure that your pride and joy has been built to the highest standards and that it will be maintained by skilled service technicians.

And we give you the best because we want the best ourselves. Our bikes stand out in a sea of clones. They are beautifully engineered. Built for real riders and real roads. For riders like you. For riders like us.

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